Department of
Advanced Fibro-Science

About our Department

The Advanced Fibro-Science Division was started in 1998 to carry out research and education on fibrous materials and their applications to several fields.

Our department offers graduate programs at Master of Engineering (M. Eng) and Doctor of Engineering (Dr. Eng)/Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) levels through various courses and research activities.

These programs cover numerous subjects such as Textile Science and Engineering and its related special focused engineering areas including Composites and Manufacturing, Nanoengineering, Kansei and Human Interface, and Sustainability Engineering (Recycle, Degradation, and Durability).

Our aim is to impart on our graduates the importance/methodology of manufacturing of human-oriented and environmentally friendly products.

On-going researches are currently focused on the above-mentioned core expertise, which are aimed to expose students to various industrial oriented environments and prepare them to be part of the workforce in the related fields.


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